Liquid Force Nebula 4'2" FoilBoard w/Horizon 160 Foil

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Liquid Force Nebula 3'8" FoilBoard w/Horizon 125 Foil

About the Board:

A foil specific board made in our extremely durable DuraSurf construction. A concave deck for enhanced board control and feeling. A Chine Rail to help release the board off the water easily and efficiently. A slight double concave that moves into a flat hull as it goes out the kicked up tail provides a minimum water contact surface that planes efficiently and effectively to get you up to take off speed.


  • Austin Keen Pro Model
  • Stringerless EPS Core
  • DuraSurf Construction
  • Chine Rails
  • LF Exclusive Foil Track
  • Footstrap Inserts
  • Corduroy Deck Pad
  • Carbon Reinforced

About the Foil:

The Horizon 160 wing is for the bigger riders and smaller waves, with plenty of lift to get you out behind smaller boat boats or jet skis. Feeling comfortable on the 1st wave? The Horizon 160 Foil Set will allow you to drop back on the 2nd and 3rd waves for even more fun.


  • Horizon 160 Front Wing - Surface Area 1600 cm² | Wingspan 78 cm
  • TC 28 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 280 cm²
  • 27" Alloy Mast
  • 54 cm Bayonet Fuselage
  • Foil Shim Kit
  • Carrying Case

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Liquid Force Nebula 4'2" FoilBoard w/Horizon 160 Foil
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