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When looking for a new flotation device for yourself, there are tons of options! We carry both Coast Guard Approved Vests, as well as performance/Competition style vests. The difference being that a performance or Comp style vest has much less floatation, but clings tighter to your body to allow you to have optimal maneuverability. In many states it is legal to wear these less floated performance vests while performing behind the boat, but have a check with your state’s laws to be sure. The coast guard approved vests are your safest option. They have the full amount of floatation you need. If you are unsure if the vest is coast guard approved, check the description, otherwise CGA vests tend to have the two buckles on the front where a performance vest will have only the front zipper. Most of the vests we sell are made of neoprene which is a high end material that releases water quickly to keep you dry. Since they are made of neoprene, you’ll want them to fit tight to your body when you first try them on as it will have a small amount of stretch once you hit the water. Performance vests you will want to fit extra tight as you will not have those extra buckles to tighten up with once the vest does have that stretch.

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