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Supra SA Plug & Play Rear Fat Ballast Sac (750lbs)

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MSRP: $499.99
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Custom Supra SA Plug & Play Rear Fat Ballast Sac (Each) - 750lbs

The Supra SA Rear Fat Ballast Sac fits in the rear storage compartment and stretches forward under the seats and is made custom for the Supra SA Wakeboard Boat. The Supra SA's ballast comes standard at 2,200 lbs, but if you are looking to load up your boat like the Pros you will need to add this to your boat! This ballast bag is L shaped and boasts over 750 lbs. of additional ballast making this sac a wake surfer or wakeboarders dream! If your looking for the ultimate ballast for your Supra SA you will want to make sure to grab this fat sac!

This fat sac is universal and can be used on either the port or starboard side in the rear compartment. If your looking for the ultimate surf sac for your Supra SA boat this is just the right amount of weight to have. Fly High Rear Gravity Games fat sacs are built to the highest standards and use the same material that many river rafts use which feature a tough and durable material. The goal of every surfer beginner of pro is to surf the biggest wave possible. If you add a pair of the Supra SA ballast bags you will be amazed at the size and shape of your wake.

Plug and play with ease! This Fat Sac includes all the fittings required to make it a simple switch from your factory ballast bags that came in the boat.

These fat sacs will also fit a variety of other boats depending on their rear storage compartment size! 750+ Fat Sac!

Dimensions for the rear storage compartment are: 34"L x 23"W x 19"H. This bag also extends past the rear storage compartment with its "L" shape which will extend for a total of 64" and fits under your seats with a height of 9".

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